Julius Malema joins the Democratic Alliance

Former ANC Youth League president and political firebrand Julius Malema has joined the Democratic Alliance.

“The courts are being used to target me, destroy my business and eliminate those who would speak truth to power, to the showerhead,” Malema said.

“The ANC has become the new Nationalists, they have become the voice of the oppressor,” Malema continued, “and a united opposition is needed to stop them.”

Asked if he still held to his views on nationalising the mines, Malema responded, “When I was in the ANC I was a soldier for ANC policy, for the Freedom Charter, now I fight for the DA.”

The DA has cited Malema’s experience and impact on the South African political landscape as potential positives, but has said that he would have to prove himself before granting him a position of political leadership.

“While we welcome his change of heart with regards to our party, we are still wary of the racialised and sexist language he has employed in the past,” the DA said in a press statement.

Originally published at  Times LIVE


2 responses to “Julius Malema joins the Democratic Alliance

  1. Malema uses his feet to think and his head to talk. This is a sign that Malema is undecisive first EFF now joins the DA what is next COPE or he is going to join Magwaza Kamsibi only time will tell!


  2. I saw this coming from far,when it get’s to this stage South africans we need to do what is right for us,Zuma needs to step down he has caused enough mass,Anc is dividing into different camps,Zuma failed to protect Malema,now it’s a payback time we must suffer,Anc has to reinstate Malema otherwise we are not prepared to suffer like Zimbabweans under Mgabe.Zuma u hv caused enough mass,step down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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