The Black Cat Bones Admit to Lip-syncing

The Black Cat BonesSILVERTON – Best Live Band MK Award winners The Black Cat Bones admitted that their live performances are staged. The band decided to come clean after a number of devotees reportedly contended that their shows were unbelievably good.

Several incidents during their last performance at the Bohemian in Melville did not go amiss, and followers of the band started getting suspicious. “It was when the bassist jumped off a monitor with his bass above his head that I started suspecting them,” recalled fanatical fan Skullie Schoonraad. “The moment was so unreal that I wondered if it was real.”

Band members remains unapologetic about what they’ve done, and claim that they were driven by a responsibility to their admirers. “We want to give our fans the best value for money,” declared singer Kobus de Kock Jr. “To put up a good live show you need to be spontaneous and passionate. We meticulously contrive spontaneity and passion to ensure that we are as spontaneous and passionate as possible without allowing spontaneity and passion to get in the way of a show.”

The band from Silverton in Pretoria claims that a lot of hard work goes into preparing for performances. In order to ensure that every show is unique, they record new backtracks every week. “There’s no way you can sound like a live band if you don’t use fresh backtracks,” claims De Kock. “If you don’t change your backtracks you end up sounding like an artist who uses backtracks.”

The Black Cat Bones accepting the MK Award for Best Live Band

The Black Cat Bones accepting the MK Award for Best Live Band

The Bones maintains that the process is not as simple as recording a few notes and climbing onto a stage. “It’s hard work,” insisted drummer Jason Hinch. “Every time we change backtracks – and we change backtracks all the time – we have to practice getting in synch again.”

A Bone To Pick

Since the announcement, the group has come under fire from outraged aficionados but they remain unfazed by their critics. According to guitarist Andre Kriel, “Most of the successful artists in South Africa use backtracks. Everybody knows that. I don’t see why it’s such a problem that we do it as well – or better, even. You don’t become the best live band by simply playing live.”

“It’s impossible to put up the kind of performances we do while actually playing live,” continued bassist Chris van der Walt. “No band can create so much energy and vibe while actually playing instruments. It’s just impossible.”

MK made it clear that they won’t backtrack on awarding The Black Cat Bones with the best live band award. Said spokesman Rian Greyling, “Even if they don’t really play, they still put up one hell of a show.” BN


Saartjie Vermaak - Entertainment News

Saartjie Vermaak – Entertainment News

Saartjie wanted to be a pop singer, but she couldn’t sing. Instead, she started following pop singers around. She started writing to avoid getting arrested.





8 responses to “The Black Cat Bones Admit to Lip-syncing

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  2. “You don’t become the best live band by simply playing live”. Um. Thats exactly how you do it. Id say its all well and good if you were a Skrillex / Indie Electro band. However, as a Rock n Roll band it should be taken as rather shameless. If I wanted to listen to the CD, id listen to the CD. One goes to a live show for the raw grit, rock n roll experience. This obviously personal opinion. I know how much hard work goes into a live show. All these guys are top notch musicians, they can pull it off live without backtracks. Or perhaps this is just the modern day take on “Rock n Roll”.


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