Letter to the Editor: We Are Sorry for White Oppression


Dear Afrikaner people, we are sorry.

After reading about the Red October march yesterday and seeing some of the things angry Afrikaner people had to say, I have taken it upon myself to apologise to you for the oppression that Black people have put you through. Still on apologies, I would also like to apologise for the way we have tried to exterminate you by committing genocidal crimes against your race. How dare we?

Black people are poor and get killed in the townships daily, but you are White Afrikaner people and you deserve better. We are sorry for thinking that crime is also an issue when it affects Black people. We are sorry for thinking that Afrikaners would experience the general problem of crime like the rest of the country. Those people who live in townships that average 5 murders a week should also get over themselves and apologise to you for these genocidal murders that account for a whopping 1.8% of South Africa’s murder statistic.

We are also sorry for the economic oppression we have put you through. With the White unemployment rate at a whole 6%, how could people whose unemployment rate is over 30% not realise how much they are oppressing you? I am sorry that these Blacks do not see how oppressed you are, with all that control of the economy that you have.

How could we be so inconsiderate, to look from the comfort of our lavish RDP houses while Afrikaners suffer from their farmhouses, surrounded by the hectares of land they own? We are truly sorry for that.

His musical and political majesty Steve Hofmeyr told us that Apartheid “wasn’t bad because it gave us good schools”. We are sorry for questioning him. We apologise for being ungrateful after all that amazing Bantu education that the Apartheid government gave Black people.

Most importantly, we are sorry that we don’t understand you. We apologise for not understanding that the problem of crime targets specifically your race. I hope that one day the oppression of Whites by Blacks in this country will end, and people will no longer be scared to wave the Apartheid flag and sing Die Stem whenever they want. Sorry for everything.

Yours truly

Siyabonga Nyezi




5 responses to “Letter to the Editor: We Are Sorry for White Oppression

  1. I’ve only read one other article of yours so far. You’ve hit the nail on the head… again. I used to work for peanuts… put myself through my studies and many many years later now own my own business. Being 32 it’s the norm for white South African “Europeans” or should it be South “European” Afriacans… I can never tell… The past is the past but it is forever in our minds and all other races in this country.

    Wait I’m getting off track here…. *have a quick sip of bear at 4:15 in the afternoon….*

    Oh yes… Crime affects everyone. I’ve been affected many a time…. even have scars on my face to prove it, and so does every other race in this country. There is no easy way to stop the violence… the panic and the heartache that survives to this day. One day “if” I am lucky enough to have children maybe then their children will have stopped playing this stupid blame game that we all seem so “Entitled” to play.

    Anyway… I’ll have my next beer to all of SA. because we all deserve it…


  2. Curiously, you’re highlighting 6% unemployment under whites, which may seem like nothing, but remember that in 1994 a whopping 98% of whites had jobs. Which mean that 4% of the total white population LOST their jobs. True upliftment would have meant to fix the problem with black unemployment without stripping others of their right to work.


  3. Actually, “Bantu education” yielded some of the highest matric pass rates for black students ever. On papers set by evil whites nogal! Those matrics did better then than they are doing now. Sad, isn’t it?


  4. so what, if the white protest was done with pangas, spears, sticks ext. would that give you comfort to join the rally?
    black south African don’t protest against the crime they just rally for more money – better jobs ext.. why it’s a mentality issue. lessons learned over the years – you place yourselves in a box – thinking like you do as underdogs.
    for been a white south African I don’t need to apologize for been a creator of jobs. thinking out of the box or to be a tax paying citizen.
    I don’t own nobody anything.. and I don’t play the blame game.. however the black fu#$&ng government is to blame for provity.. condemn infrastructure, by wasting bucks on shit, ”like” changing street names, what the HELL.. many new roads need name every day, why does it bother blacks to wipe the history out, just to get name in parliament? can’t they come up with new idea’s if not give it to some one that can.. black as you say suffer 30% +6% white.. does that give you satisfaction? playing the blame game again mm?.
    it does not matter who suffer. make your stand against your corrupt government and sleezy president. .


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