South Africa Mourns the Death of Its Hopes and Dreams

death-of-mandelaJOHANNESBURG – The whole of South Africa is in mourning after the untimely death of its hopes and dreams. After a courageous battle with a terrible disease, South Africa’s hopes and dreams passed away at the tender age of 19.

President Zuma made the official announcement of its passing just before midnight.

The hopes and dreams were hanging on in a critical condition for quite some time and experienced much suffering towards the end, before it finally came to rest.

The whole nation is in shock, and a general feeling of despondency hangs in the air. “I was hoping and praying that South Africa’s hopes and dreams would survive, but it was not meant to be,” said Donald Motsepe from Kliptown. “God wants us to suffer, just like we’ve always suffered.”

“I’ve been standing beside South Africa’s hopes and dreams, holding its hand and praying that it recovers,” said a close family member who wished to remain anonymous. “Throughout that time I felt a growing sense of despair. I can’t believe it’s really gone. It’s bad, very bad.”

Concerned well-wishers have been praying anxiously outside the home of South Africa’s hopes and dreams, pleading for a steady recovery. “There was much suffering in the last days,” said Dr. Kamil Moonsammy. “All we could do was to ensure that South Africa’s hopes and dreams experienced some comfort. Once we realised there was no possibility for a recovery, the machines were switched off.

South Africans all over the world are uncertain what the future holds in store. “I’m very sad,” said Precious Maponyane from Boipatong. We still needed to have hopes and dreams. I don’t know what we will do now.”

The once great South Africa, global icon for peaceful change and transformation, had so much hope for a bright future, and dreamt of becoming a country with freedom and opportunity for all. Throughout its early life, South Africa’s hopes and dreams had much support due to its potential and the amount of promise it has shown. The tragic end came after a sudden onslaught of a terrible affliction, brought about by carelessness, taking for granted its newfound rights and abuse of the democratic process, either by ignorance or deliberate complication.

“We should have taken better care of our hopes and dreams,” said Thato Pule. “Our negligence took a terrible toll. If only we remembered what we hoped and dreamed, maybe our hopes and dreams would still be alive today.”

Experts tried in vain to resurrect South Africa’s hopes and dreams. “We tried everything we could, but it was not responding to treatment,” said Dr. Moonsammy. “In the end not even prayers could save it.

Many South Africans made peace with the inevitable demise. “We knew it was going to transpire,” said Maggie Mapulana. “It was unavoidable. Hopes and dreams don’t last forever.”

“We will always have the memory of having had hopes and dreams,” said Peter Mjoba. We should be grateful that we’ve had those 19 years. That’s more than most countries can say. All we can do is to wait for new hopes and dreams to be born. I wonder if it will happen in my lifetime.” BN

Radebe G. Radebe – Political Analyst

Radebe G. Radebe – Political Analyst

Radebe understands that you really need to look politics from all sides, weigh up all options and come to terms with what politics is before you can write about politics. This takes time and resources, and he never makes a deadline. Still, his ill-conceived articles are better than it would have been if he rushed it to meet demands. Even if we can never print it, because it’s too late.


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