Malema Wins Race War, Hofmeyr Defeated

Steve Hofmeyr wants to moer someone, Julius Malema shows who's number 1.

Steve Hofmeyr wants to moer someone, Julius Malema shows who’s number 1.

Juju speeds toward economic freedom in his lifetime in a BMW 530D.

BRONKHORSTSPRUIT – During last night’s race war, Julius Malema annihilated  Steve Hofmeyr by a staggering 46km/h.  Hofmeyer raced through Bronkhorstspruit at 169km/h, but Malema eventually edged him out with an impressive 215km/h.

Hofmeyer is adamant that there was an unfair race bias. “Malema got the big, wide N1 highway,” he foamed. “My race was near Bronkhorstspruit.”

According to reports they were racing to determine which of them is South Africa’s fastest racist. The two arch-rivals were both arrested because of their race.

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters is undeterred by his brush with the authorities.  “All great struggle heroes spent time in jail,” insisted Malema. “Now I had my night.”

When asked why he was driving so fast, Malema replied that it’s because he is a born revolutionary, and that he needed to experience revolution. “At 215km/h, my engine is turning at 6500 revolutions per minute.”

According to Malema this tendency to limit speed is a roadblock on the way to total emancipation. “What good is having political freedom, or even economic freedom, if we don’t have the freedom to drive fast?”

Steve Hofmeyr claims that Juju’s 215km/h is proof that there’s a white genocide happening in South Africa. “Why else would he be driving that fast?”

The ANC denied allegations that arresting Malema for speeding was part of a plot to make people forget about Nkandla. BN


Barend Strijdom – Law Correspondent

Barend Strijdom – Law Correspondent

While serving time and trying to fight the system from the inside, Barend learnt a thing or two about the law. He follows the law closely, from a distance, and the law follows him. Do not tell anyone that he’s out.




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