Millions Tune in to Watch Oscar

Ellen DeGeneres with an Oscar

Ellen DeGeneres with an Oscar

This time every year the world is consumed by Oscar fever, and this particular year didn’t disappoint. The anniversary of the incident came and went, as the public prepared themselves to follow all the action with renewed passion.

Earlier this year the court ruled that Oscar can be televised live. Ever since Justice Dunstan Mlambo decided that some parts may be broadcasted on television, the ordeal has become hotly anticipated, and experts believe it could become one of the most watched events of the year.

Early signs indicate that they may turn out to be right, as millions of viewers tuned in to watch the stars line up on the red carpet. Rumours started circulating that some people actually saw the films being honoured at the event.

Matthew McConaughey took home the award for best actor, while more awards were also handed out to other people for other things.

Jennifer Lawrence managed to fall flat on her face twice this year. Once outside, tripping soon after arriving, and once more inside, when she didn’t win anything. Last year she fell flat only once, when she tripped on her way up to receive her award.

Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Lupita Nyong’o started dancing right there while the ceremony was still in full swing. Nobody had any doubt that they only showed up to get invites to the after party. Lupita even went as far as collecting an award [for best supporting actress] to ensure that she would get in.

Jared Leto [best supporting actor] took the time to thank the people of Ukraine and Venezuela for their committed and passionate support of his acting career.

The event was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, famous for tweeting a tweet that got the most ever retweets, having been retweeted over a million times and temporarily breaking Twitter.

Due to his bail conditions, Oscar Pistorius unfortunately could not attend the event in person. BN

Saartjie Vermaak - Entertainment News

Saartjie Vermaak – Entertainment News

Saartjie wanted to be a pop singer but she couldn’t sing. Instead, she started following pop singers around. She became a journalist to avoid getting arrested.





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