Ebola Coming to South Africa

Bafana Bafana in training for AFCON 2015

Bafana Bafana in training for AFCON 2015

SOWETO – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has announced that it will enter a bid to bring ebola back to South Africa in 2015.

Morocco was set to host the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in January/February 2015 but pulled out, claiming they won’t be able to handle such an event. South Africa and Ghana were the only countries that responded to the Confederation of African Football (CAF)’s request to handle the ebola emergency.

South Africa also hosted ebola back in 2013, taking over when Libya pulled out due to security concerns. No country has ever hosted the occasion back to back in its entire 57 year history.

Ebola is very popular in South Africa, but concerns have been raised about hosting it. “We have been struggling lately, and I don’t think losing on home soil twice in a row will help our country’s morale,” said sports commentator Jabulani “The Peacemaker” Mangena.

There is hope that the new Bafana Bafana coach, Shakes Mashaba, will make a difference. “We’re pulling out all to stops to make sure we’re ready for ebola,” assured Shakes.”If it comes, we’re going to beat it.”

At the moment the South African public is not very interested in having the event again, but SAFA is confident that it will change. “It’s still early days,” remarked SAFA President Danny Jordaan, “but we all know that when the time comes, ebola fever will spread like wildfire.” BN

Raoul Duke – Sports Writer

Raoul Duke – Sports Writer

Like all good sportsmen, Raoul was born in the Free State before being offered more money to move to Gauteng. He has such a keen knowledge of the games that he doesn’t need to watch it to know what’s going on. When he’s not following athletes around, Raoul can be found on his farm near Bronkhorstspruit, drinking whiskey and shooting his gun.


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