Consumers Shocked that Petrol Increase Was No April Fool’s Joke

petrol-price-increaseSOUTH AFRICA – Millions of consumers all over South Africa were shocked on the morning of April 1 when they awakened to a much higher petrol price.

Petrol increased by as much as R1,62 inland and R1,60 at the coast.

Even though the price hike was announced a week earlier, many road users were not prepared for the increase and did not fill up on cheaper petrol the day before, as is the usual custom.

“I really thought it was an April Fuel’s joke,” cried Naas Bonsema, an exhaust-pipe fitter from Standerton.

Some car owners claimed that the high value of the increase and the exact date of the proposed increase were just too much of a coincidence to be plausible.

“They said the petrol price was going to rise,” said Sipho Komedi, a taxi driver from Maboneng, “but I thought hauwa, that can’t be right! R1,62? Aikôna!”

“I heard them say the petrol was going up,” remembers Siswe Maltabela, “then I heard it was going to happen on the first of April, and I laughed, hehehehe, this Zuma, he’s a funny guy, getting us mad about the petrol…”

Road users are still struggling to come to terms with the reality of the sharp petrol price hike.

“I wanted to laugh at all my friends who spent half their salaries filling up their bakkies,” moaned Kwik Shop manager Gerrie Kotze. “I was gonna laugh at their empty bank accounts, now they’re all laughing at my empty tank.”

“Ja,” sighed Bakkies Blignaut, “I guess the joke really is on us.”

South Africans from all over expressed a general feeling that they’ve certainly learnt a valuable lesson. “Politicians may be known for lying,” exclaimed Durbanite John Hancock, “but if a government official announces something bad, you better believe it is true.”

Perhaps the biggest April Fool’s joke was no joke at all. BN

Dumisani Phisane – Current Affairs

Dumisani Phisane – Current Affairs

Despite being previously disadvantaged, Dumisani managed to achieve the 30% mark required to pass matric. It was enough to enable him to secure his dream job: Being a journalist. Dumisani lives on his couch with his two plants.


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