Winter Spotted Off the Coast of Cape Agulhas

Cape-Agulhas-lighthouseCAPE AGULHAS – Sailors on board The Flying Bushman, an I&J deep sea fishing trawler, reportedly spotted the winter lurking just off the South African coast, a few kilometres south of Cape Agulhas.

The colder season was apparently skulking around Africa’s southernmost point looking for an opening to sneak in over the shoreline when it was recognised by the small fishing crew.

“I was just standing there, looking over the ocean while tugging on a fishnet,” remembered Langhans de Lange, one of the fisherman on The Flying Bushmen, “when suddenly I thought Djissie, ma dis dan mos die winter daai (that’s winter over there). Then it turned around, and when it did, I knew exactly what it was. It was the winter right there.”

Eyewitnesses claim that winter looked especially menacing. “It was in a foul mood,” remarked Petrus Geduld, another fisherman. “A foul mood, like its last bite of snoek fell on the floor and the dog licked it, that kind of foul mood.”

“Ja,” interjected Langhans. “If the winter makes landfall huffing and puffing like that, you know it’s going to be a cold one. And I’m not talking about a Castle Lager here, né.”

The South African Weather Service sent a team of meteorological experts to the site of the alleged sighting in an attempt to study the unpleasant season first hand, but the winter was nowhere in sight.

The current whereabouts of winter is at present still unknown, but a source within the Weather Service whispered that they are fairly certain the frosty period will definitely rear its ugly head soon.

The public has been asked to keep on the lookout for the wretched season, and to report any activity presumed to be the onslaught of winter. BN

Manie Vokkens – Current Affairs

Manie Vokkens – Current Affairs

Manie enjoyed the privilege of Apartheid rule and never bothered to get a proper education. The regime change left him unskilled, unemployed and broke, so he settled for being a reporter. Now he’s only unskilled and broke.




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