Boko Haram Soldiers Starve in Zimbabwe

Boko Haram

Boko Haram wants you… to kill the infidel!

BULAWAYO – Soldiers from the Nigerian Islamic Militant group, Boko Haram, are struggling with severe hunger during the Zimbabwean leg of their journey to South Africa.

Seven soldiers have died and 32 more are in a critical condition. The other 61 are in a weakened physical state on a deserted farm outside Gweru – on the road towards Bulawayo – where they are hiding. A total of 100 terrorists were reportedly spotted by Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

The Nigerian militants are on their way to South Africa to avenge the xenophobic attacks on foreigners, in which not even one Nigerian has died.

“We, Boko Haram, entered Zimbabwe about one, maybe two weeks ago to go kill South Africa,” insisted Yusuf Alhaji, one of the fighters. “Since then we, Boko Haram, have suffered. We, Boko Haram, have suffered very much.”

The Islamic radicals from northern Nigeria are better known for kidnapping 200 girls from a school in Chibok, and regularly tormenting their fellow Nigerians with sporadic, vicious attacks.

Following the few xenophobic attacks in small parts of South Africa earlier this year, the group released a video in which they threatened to take action against South Africans for the attacks.

“We, Boko Haram, will not tolerate any violence against any Nigerian,” proclaimed Abubakar Shekau, the terrorist mouthpiece in the video. “We, Boko Haram, are the only people allowed to kill, torture and maim any Nigerian.”

The terrorists, officially known as Group of the People of Sunnah for Preaching and Jihad, are desperately looking for a way to move on.

“We, Boko Haram, want to leave Zimbabwe and go to South Africa, like all the Zimbabweans,” sighed Alhaji. “There is no food here. We, Boko Haram, are suffering.”

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has allegedly pledged his support to the terrorists, and promised to send them food as soon as he can find a farm that’s still productive.

“Mugabe is a hero and an inspiration to us, Boko Haram,” praised Alhaji. “He has destroyed Zimbabwe like we, Boko Haram, will destroy Nigeria.”

The South African military is preparing food parcels and medical assistance for the fighters of Boko Haram, should they finally arrive. BN


Salim Malik

Salim Malik – Foreign Correspondent

Salim Malik is not sure where he’s from. That makes him a foreigner wherever he goes. Being a foreigner is all the experience he needs to be a foreign correspondent. Salim travels the globe hunting the news and chicken vindaloo.


3 responses to “Boko Haram Soldiers Starve in Zimbabwe

  1. south Africa government should help Zimbabwe soldiers with food , and any help they need from south Africa we are a rainbow nation a United state of Africa
    gift of the givers should should we cant lose African soldiers


  2. south Africa government should help Zimbabwe soldiers with food , and any help they need from south Africa we are a rainbow nation a United state of Africa


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