Theuns Jordaan Will Give Back Gert Vlok Nel’s Song

Gert Vlok Nel vs Theuns JordaanBEAUFORT WEST – Multi-platinum selling Afrikaans singer Theuns Jordaan promised to give the poet Gert Vlok Nel back his song, Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes. On his Facebook Page, Vlok Nel accused Jordaan of stealing the song 18 years ago. Since then, devoted fans have rallied behind Jordaan, but the singer finally conceded that the song he built his whole career on does, in fact, belong to Vlok Nel.

“Yes, Gert created Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes,” he said. “I really just borrowed it and forgot to give it back.”

Jordaan insist that he will return the song to Vlok Nel this weekend, soon after his next show. “It’s probably time to give it back to its rightful owner,” he sighed.

According to friends and family, Jordaan has kept Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes in a Ziploc bag, stuffed in a vanity case and locked in the safe of his Stellenbosch home. “The song is my precioussssss!!!,” hissed Jordaan, leaning forward on his couch. “Nobody touch my precioussss!!!”

The singer will pack the song, vanity case and all, into a corrugated fibreboard box, load it into the boot of his sponsored vehicle and drive it there himself. “I don’t trust the Post Office,” he claimed. “And I’m not really ready to let go of my prrecioussss just yet.”

The Afrikaans community was shocked, and reactions varied considerably. Some agree that Jordaan should return the song, some believe Vlok Nel should just accept defeat and move on, while others are devastated with the turn of events.

Sannie Steyn, secretary and mother of three from Secunda, is not sure if she can carry on with her life. “I can’t believe it,” she cried. “Theuns and Beaufort West is so synonymous. Now I learn that he doesn’t even live there. He never lived there. This is the end!”

Frans Venter, a farmer from Ventersdorp, thinks that a more popular singing voice should determine ownership of the song. “Look, I like the way Theuns sings it more, so it’s his song now, finish en klaar,” he barked. “Gert should stop moaning. Listen, my friend Dirk had a car, a nice Opel Corsa. I took it for a spin, just around the block. I drove it better, so it’s mine now. Let me show you, it’s in the garage.”

Frans’ friend Dirk agrees. “It’s not wrong if you’re famous,” he added.

“I’ve never heard of this Gert guy,” grumbled Cobus Kotze, a cattle feed salesman from Christiana. “So because I’ve never heard of him, all credit should go to Theuns. It all depends on who I know. That’s just how it works.”

On the other hand, Naas Blignaut from Bloubergstrand believes that people should lay off Gert for a bit. “Perhaps, if Theuns never sang the song, only a few people would’ve heard it,” he lamented. “But if Gert never wrote the song, nobody would’ve heard it.” NB


Saartjie Vermaak - Entertainment News

Saartjie Vermaak – Entertainment News

Saartjie wanted to be a pop singer but she couldn’t sing. Instead, she started following pop singers around. She became a journalist to avoid getting arrested.



One response to “Theuns Jordaan Will Give Back Gert Vlok Nel’s Song

  1. Theuns Jordaan is telling a different story than Gert Vlok Nel. He is talking of a song locked up in a ziploc bag in a vanity case in a safe. I think that the real song-writer knows what really happened. Maybe the real song-writer is a totally different person. The truth will only be known if Gert and Theuns and SAMRO is honest enough to allow the real song-wrter to surface. The original song-writer may even know how to resolve the issue.Beautiful in Beauford-wes may not be the only song that has a mystery to. I would be interested if Gert and Theuns whould be open to dicuss this matter with a song composer from many years ago, maybe even as long a s24 years ago in Witbank, Pretoria and Beauford-wes. I woud invite coments from all parties to solve what happed.


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