The Adventures of Koos van der Merwe

Koos and the Wrestler

Koos van der Merwe is South Africa’s top wrestler, and he gets a shot at the world title against a massive Russian.

Already in the first round, the Russian gets hold of him in a terrible grip. He can’t move a muscle, everything is pinned down.

Koos looks through his squinting eyes and sees a pair of bollocks hanging right in front of his face. He can only just reach it with his tongue, and he bumps it a bit until it starts swinging.

When it swings close enough so he can hook it with his teeth, he gives the balls one moerse bite.

All of a sudden Koos pops out from under the Russian and pins him down for the victory.

The media swarms around him and asks: “Koos, how did you manage to beat the world champion?”

Koos: “Do you have any idea how strong you get if you bite your own balls?”


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