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University Fees Raised to Pay for Damages

#FeesMustFallPIETERMARITZBURG – Universities across South Africa have announced a sharp increase in student fees for 2017. This is to mitigate the rising cost in university maintenance.

The resent #FeesMustFall campaign resulted in a desperate need for infrastructure redevelopment. Students protesting for free education caused so much devastation that fees must be raised to pay for repairs.

During a press conference in Pietermaritzburg, Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, explained the government’s reasons for raising university fees. “We need money to rebuild libraries, auditoriums and computer labs,” he said. “Without it, there will be no education.”

“The #FeesMustFall campaign is causing a rise in university fees,” Nzimande added. “Maybe students need to study economics before they protest.”

Protesters blame the university for the damage to the university, and claimed that high price of tertiary education caused the destruction. “They made us start the fires,” hissed protester Shisa Isakhiwo. “It’s not our fault that we are burning down buildings.”

Student leaders reiterated that their protest will intensify, and that a lot more destruction can be expected.

“You can’t expect us to pay money for a university that looks like this,” screamed Nuisance Ngidi, another protester. “If we have to pay so much for education, we want proper classrooms, not these burnt, skorokoro classrooms. Fees must fall.”

“Why must we pay so much for university when it has no books, no computers and no roof?” added Shisa. “Fees must fall!”

In spite of threats made by students, higher education authorities remain resolute in their #FeesMustRise campaign.

“We will not budge,” lamented Nzimande. “The price of protest is high. If students want to protest, they must pay for it.” BN

Dumisani Phisane – Current Affairs

Dumisani Phisane – Current Affairs

Despite being previously disadvantaged, Dumisani managed to achieve the 30% mark required to pass matric. It was enough to enable him to secure his dream job: Being a journalist. Dumisani lives on his couch with his two plants.




Boycott Woolworths for Selling Chinese Products

An angry protester demands that Woolworths save the rhino.

An angry protester demands that Woolworths save the rhino.

CAPE TOWN – An activist group last week started a social media campaign calling for consumers to boycott Woolworths and other retailers which import products from China.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) last week sent out its call in a newsletter and on Twitter, using the hashtag #BoycottWoolworths, to draw attention to what called they called the “mass massacre of rhinos in Southern Africa”.

The campaign says Woolworths imports several products from China including, well, nearly everything on the shelves that aren’t produced by South African farmers. “What does it matter if we hurt South African agriculture?” asked BDS spokeswoman Kwere Kunene. “Woolworths must be stopped at all cost.”

The BDS acknowledged that other stores are also selling Chinese products, but confirmed that they will maintain focus on Woolworths. “Rich people shop at Woolworths,” explained spokeswoman Kwere Kunene. “They have the ability to make a choice. We can’t expect poor people to make conscious decisions about food and other necessities, other than, ‘can I afford to buy it or not?’”

The ANC-lead South African government has no sanctions, and do not intend to impose any sanctions on China. Blade Nzimande, a minister in this China-endorsing government and leader of the ANC-aligned SA Communist Party (SACP), gave his assurance that SACP will join and mobilise in boycotting Woolworths and other such stores selling Chinese goods. “My government’s official position is irrelevant,” he insisted. “We will close Woolworths down.”

Nzimande said that other than a few people in top leadership, very few members of the SACP can afford to shop at Woolworths anyway, so it will be easy for them to boycott the supermarket chain.

The Minister of Higher Education added that South African freedom shall remain incomplete for as long as “The rhinoceros remain under siege”. BN

Manie Vokkens – Current Affairs

Manie Vokkens – Current Affairs

Manie enjoyed the privilege of Apartheid rule and never bothered to get a proper education. The regime change left him unskilled, unemployed and broke, so he settled for being a reporter. Now he’s only unskilled and broke.




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